The lack of posts on this blog has gone extremely haywire (no post for more than 6 months?) and I will say again (for the millionth time already) that I am terribly sorry for the lack of new photos and stories. I have been feeling lackadaisical when it comes to posting since mid 2014 because real life has been overly amazing– living and savouring moments and taking everything in to memory rather than documenting it with my camera. It is thus true that you can not serve two masters at the same time.

I have, however, taken a few snapshots here and there whilst on travels. Though not much, I hope you will find this post rather inspiring, if not entertaining.

The thing about "collective post" especially if the photos had been collected in a span of 6 months, is that you tend to forget most of what happened. Ha! 
Nonetheless, my brain will still try its best to recall. 

I went on a trip to Singapore with my friend Valerie Chua last January 21-25 for the Art Stage Singapore to support our artist friends and to have a peek of Singapore again after 4 years of not visiting. Thus far, nothing much has changed though I have visited a lot more indie shops, cafes and bookstores this time around. Tiong Bahru and Haji Lane are two areas worth checking out.

I stayed with my friends, Theresa and Wenkai's apartment because what better way to experience being a local than staying over at a local's home? I met these two while on a workshop in Boracay in 2012. I spent most of my time roaming around the city with them and some days I take the train by myself to meet Valerie and some of our friends at Art Stage. It was a short but enjoyable trip that I don't mind taking again should there be cheap flights or interesting events.

Above: The views outside my friends' HDB from when I was waiting for the elevator.
Below: A few more shops and cafes we went to. I posted more photos on my Instagram

Wheeler's Yard - A warehouse turned bike shop and cafe

Cat Cafe somewhere in Bugis. Their cats are so faaaaaat! I love them  

At the Art Stage Singapore 2015 in Sands Expo and Convention Centre

Fangirling at Myoung Ho Lee's photographs of trees. 
Some Vonnegut's below.

Below is Littered with Books in Duxton Road that made me sad because they wouldn't allow us to take pictures. Why most stores don't allow people to take pictures and post on social media sites for marketing purposes, I don't understand.

I also stopped by for 3 days in Jakarta, Indonesia again for work from Singapore. 

Last February, my boyfriend's friend organized a trip to Vigan, Ilocos Sure and Laoag, Ilocos Norte, Philippines to where he will propose to the love of his life. 3 days of fun, love and adventure I am happy I have had the opportunity to join and witness.

Around late February, my workmates and I had a team building at a lovely summer home in Batangas, Philippines. The sunset was pretty incredible! My camera and I didn't give it justice.

A few days before my 29th birthday, my boyfriend treated me to a relaxing weekend in Coron, Palawan, Philippines. Perfect summer trip to cap off my 28th year, I must say. 

This lovely French woman we met on the boat that I failed to remember the name. 
She's 3 months pregnant yet still continued to travel the world. #maternitypeg

Every afternoon, Gab and I would come back for some waffles and latte at a little cafe called Coffee Kong. Their waffle wasn't anything grand but for some reason, I kept craving. 

We didn't have an itinerary in mind before coming here (as I always do when traveling) apart from a day of island hopping so we just walked around town and checked out interesting places along the way. We asked some help from the locals but some of our good finds were from recommendations from friends and Trip Advisor.

Instagram hashtag of Coron was of great help in us finding good places to check out. We found this touristy place of 700+ steps after having coffee and waffles. The climb was quite a pain because of the steep stairs but Gab and I found it as an opportunity to take more pictures and to fly his aerial drone along the way because we're forced to stop every so often to grab some air. 

I felt like I was somewhere in East Asia. Lone trees without leaves that grow red flowers are a rarity in this country. I took more than enough pictures of this tree.

We reached the summit just in time. 
We took some photos and videos and positioned ourselves while waiting for the sun to set. We sat quietly beside each other as the sunset painted the sky in beautiful shades of yellow and deep orange and silhouetted the mountain ranges afar. As far as sunsets go, I would have to say that nothing beats the sunset in the Philippines. No matter where I am in the country, I always feel like a foreigner, making oohs and ahhhs everytime I'm able to catch the sun set. 
 Gab brought beer for us to share and we took sips alternately while waiting for the sky to finish its daily show.  
My film full of sunset shots got damaged, sadly, so no sunsets shots here. I would have to ask you to book a ticket and see it for yourself instead :)

I just got back from Taipei, Taiwan as I am writing this and I may or may not post again anytime soon as I haven't taken that many pictures when I was there. Though if you wish to see pictures of my previous trip to Taipei which was in 2013, you may find those if you continue on scrolling back through my archives. 

I am reorganizing my life, yet again and I hope I will be able to get back into blogging as often as I used to. I might also need to purchase a new camera because my beloved Prudence (Pentax k1000) is slowly dying on me. I am excited though of what camera I might be able to get ahold of and what adventures it might be able to capture in the future. Here's to saying goodbyes and to new beginnings!

How is your 2015 doing?