In Her Room: Reese Lansangan

If you've only known Reese Lansangan after all the scrolling, you'd probably think she's either a gypsy or a dream.
If "she must have been a unicorn or a mermaid in a past life!" came into your mind, I wouldn't blame you because it got me thinking just about the same when I entered her room. Part Lisa Frank, part Virgin Suicides and a whole lot of everything lovely and whimsical, Reese's room equally echoes her personality– colorful and magical. It's like stepping into some fortune-teller's daughter's room or that room of that show we 90s kids love– Sabrina the teenage witch. 

 Reese confessed a few months back, that she isn't an illustrator but I told her that I love her collage work enough to include her in my roster of artists featured in my In Her Room. Later on, she posted some of her fashion illustrations on her blog (she's a Fashion Design student) and I was smitten! I knew she was just being modest when I first approached her.

Did I mention she sings rather too well?


Below is a video of a book project that Reese made from a while back.
It's nothing short of amazing! 

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