Almost There

Roadtrip from Manila to Ilocos Norte, Philippines.
14th to 16th January 2013

The best thing about my department at work is that we get to make stories and concepts and pick the places we like and take our clients there.  More often than not, our clients agree with much anticipation every time we present our ideas. 

I've always wanted to try to reach Ilocos Norte, the topmost part of Luzon, by land.  I went there last August but took a plane because of time constraint. But when Nicole and Rio's short film landed in my hands, I knew that I'll be able to cross another one to-do's in my imaginary bucket list. 

There were 7 of us and it took us 2 days with 2 nights stop over in La Union and Vigan before heading back. I cannot count how many hours we spent on the road since we stopped by in every town and in just about any area we found interesting. I took the two pictures above somewhere in Pangasinan while we were trailing on a bridge.

Our very unreliable guide/driver told us that we will be able to reach The Hundred Islands if we travel two more hours from where we were that time. We all agreed. 
However, when we arrived, we were told by the locals that the Hundred Islands' still a 20-30 minute boat ride away; thus the view on the picture above this little lighthouse. Our trip extended to maybe 6 hours more because of this but we all just laughed in our empty stomachs and enjoyed the rest of the trip.

We reached La Union around 10 pm and the sound of the waves in the surf resort that we spent the night over was just so inviting! But we were so dead tired that our heads cannot rule over our knees so we all decided to rest instead.
The morning greeted us with even louder waves. We took a few shots of Nicole surfing but we had a hard time since the waves are too strong. But being the ninjas that we are, we all left the place with smiles and high fives.

Dear future husband, 
Please build me a little house on top of a cliff overlooking the sea in Ilocos Norte. The waves will make me smile and these little trees with pink flowers that filled the roadside will sure to make my heart go aflutter.


Windswept Letters Limited Edition Postcard Set

Hello everyone! How's your 2013 going so far?
 It has been a while since I've posted here. Work and life has been really crazy in the last few weeks of 2012 and the first few weeks of 2013 and Im only able to share most of what happened during those days on my Instagram. Life is just easier over there :) 
But don't worry, I have not abandoned this blog. I've topped my 2011 posts to nearly half in 2012 and Im crossing my fingers that I will blog and share more pictures and adventures this 2013. 

To start off, here's what Ive been working and wasting my money on lately: proofing and printing these postcards. I've always wanted to share my works for everyone to enjoy and now here they are! 
11 postcards in one set plus a cover. 

I will open the shop sometime next week. If you wish to reserve, kindly email me at so you can secure one set for yourself and for your friends. Full description can be seen on the screencap of my Bigcartel account below. You can click on the picture to read the description clearly. 
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