China: 北京


Beijing, no, China, I will be back.


Florence Uy said...

ohhh this post is so awesome :D!

Stephanie Lula said...

These photos are great! I love how you captured China, it looks so different to the other photos, such a different and serene feel.

ana b. said...

Oh wow look how happy you all look! I only ever got to Shanghai so am sad I missed these sights. It's been a while since I've visited your blog, Aleyn. I'm glad to see it looking as gorgeous as ever. Pictures are sublime, as always xoxox

Aleyn Comprendio said...

@florence thank you so much!

@stephanie how sweet of you to say that, thank you.

@ana We had so much fun! Actually, some of them, we just met while we were in Beijing. They're from Singapore and Hong Kong. They were nice and we got along pretty well. The Great Wall was a burden to climb but we had a great, exhausting but fun experience.

I've not been to Shanghai but I think Beijing and Shanghai are just about the same. I think that some of the most beautiful parts of China are outside those big cities. All the beautiful misty mountains and the quiet and eerie rivers and lakes. AHHH <3
I'm planning on having a train ride up to Changchun from Beijing maybe sometime next year or the year after that since a cousin of mine lives there but I will have to save up for that. I'm pretty broke at this moment HAHA

I hope you are doing great, Ana.
And OMG you are getting married! I'm so excited for you.
Post tons of pictures for us all to drool, okay?
New Zealand looks like the perfect place to get married

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