Taiwan: 九份 + 臺北市

It was probably in third grade when I first heard about Taipei. My loving aunt used to work there and she used to send me so many good stuff– stickers, stationeries, postage stamps and the like. And they are always one of the prettiest ones and I would brag about it often in class. I was such a kid and since then, whenever I think about Taiwan or hear someone mentioning the place, I am always filled with the idea that it is or that they are referring to "paper heaven". True enough, when I reached the place and had about the best 4 days there with my friends, I can truly say that it is "paper heaven" although not as whimsical and grand as I had imagined but not far enough either. I took almost all the free sample booklets in every store we went to and the business cards lying around in just about every corner of each shop and cafe. I even kept the receipts from Family Mart as they have cute color-printed receipts which I presume would look nice on my travel journal. 

My friends and I spent four radical days of endless walking and bus riding looking for the cafes and bookstores I've researched (I've a long list but obviously Taiwan has more than 4,000 cafes and zakka shops that is it utterly impossible for us to visit each one), frequenting Family Mart for light breakfast, night market shopping, meeting and talking with fellow foreigners in the looks-like-an-apartment-but-more-like-a-dorm-room hostel we stayed in, milk tea drinking and getting lost which was constantly but quite possibly the most fun!

I wish to be back again sometime in the future but with longer days, plenty of cash and a fluency in reading and speaking Mandarin.



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