Endless summer.

6 years after graduating from college, its amazing to know that even though we all have different careers and life problems to deal with, my close friends and I, collectively called Rangers, still maintain our bond. 

We all met in our Sophomore (or Junior. I cant quite remember) year in college. Despite the fact that each one have different personalities, the 11 of us have gotten pretty close because we've always been assigned in the same work area for 2 years during internship. We'd always study together, hang-out in the library together after duty hours and eat pancit canton and drink Mountain Dew almost always together at the back of the school church. If I have one reason to be thankful for, for taking the course I took, Id have to say that Im thankful that I took it for I was able to meet 10 of the most wonderful, honest and kind-hearted people on this planet. 

There are only 5 of us left here in the Philippines now as the rest are living in different parts of the world but we are still able to communicate every day because of Viber– sharing our daily adventures and just about any random funny thing we can think of. Our group's thread has no less than 50 notifications every day which is insane because if you only miss one day, you'd have to scroll all the way up to be up-to-date with everyone's news. Before Viber, there's Facebook where we also have a group where we share our plans, trips and whatnot. Last year, we decided on a post that we do a yearly adventure trip for one weekend– have fun, bond and catch up on life. We decided to go to Boracay the previous year and this year we decided to do it in Puerto Princesa and El Nido in Palawan since none of us have gone there yet. Only 6 were able to go but we immensely enjoyed it nevertheless.


ivonn said...

beautiful. i want summer <3

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