2 days in Tagbilaran, Bohol, Philippines and Valerie Chua's first Watercolor Workshop

I want to eat the first few pictures because of their creamy color!

I wasn't able to take much photos in Bohol because we were packed with work that I had little time to take out my camera. I'm hoping to come back again next time.
The clouds were absolutely lovely the day of our flight and so I took out Stargirl and read it for the 2nd time. 

As you may have noticed, I was the official (self-proclaimed) photographer at Val's first workshop and I came unprepared bringing no variations in my ASAs (brought ASA 100 film) in Orvin's (Val's artist/musician boyfriend) dark but dreamy attic. Still, I love the colors that were produced and my exposures were a bit okay, i think :) If you'd like to join the second batch, my tip would be to register the moment you see Valerie's blog post/ad as the slots get easily filled up! I assure you, every penny is worth it :)

I just came back from an awesome roadtrip with Bong and Rossy of Heima and Charles Buenconsejo. I will share about that when Im done processing all the films and editing the video. You will all love it! (Okay Im pressuring myself here)

I'm going home in 3 days and I cannot wait!!!
I just realized that I've already been to a lot of places and it's only the 3rd month of this year. Im so excited for the coming months and what it has in store for me!

How's your 2012 doing so far? :)

Love Always xx

Nine and Thirteen

March 9-13th Bali, Indonesia

It's a pretty cool yet weird thing that this time last year, I was here too. I wonder if I'll still be here next year hmmm :)

My blog will be a little quiet for a while as I prepare stuffs for my upcoming exhibition on the last week of April (It was moved from May to April) so I'll be a little busy and may not have the time to post some pictures but I will have tons to share when I get back. :) Also, there are still a few pictures from this trip that I didn't post, e.g the breathtaking cliff views as I will probably include those in the exhibition. 
Oh by the way, I announced the winners of my Print Giveaway a while ago on my Facebook Page :) Congratulations to the lovely winners! 

It's almost (or is it already?) Summertime here in the Philippines and I cannot wait to go on another awesome adventure with my friends!
How will you be spending your Summer? I'd love to know!

Much love xx

Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie setlist (Manila)

1. A Lack of Color
2. I Will Possess Your Heart
3. Crooked Teeth
4. We Laugh Indoors
5. Photobooth
6. Doors Unlocked and Open
7. Long Division
8. Grapevine Fires
9. Codes and Keys
10. What Sarah Said?
11. I Will Follow You Into the Dark
12. Title and Registration
13. You Are A Tourist
14. The New Year
15. Company Calls
16. Company Calls Epilogue
17. Soul Meets Body
18. Cath…
19. We Looked Like Giants + instrumental
20. The Sound of Settling


21. Home is a Fire
22. Meet Me at the Equinox 
23. A Movie Script Ending
24. Transatlanticism

The Death Cab for Cutie gig in Manila with my dear friend Jamie. I initially typed a whole lot about everything before, during and after the show but then I realized that there would be no more room for imagination for people who see these pictures if I did. I did regret some things though, like not being able to purchase the VIP tickets and not being able to bring my 60-300mm. Apart from that,  I have to say that one of our teenage dreams has been fulfilled that day :)