Happy New Year!

Posting some old pictures of me by Pleiocene in Baguio last December just to let you know I am still alive. Work has consumed me right after New Year that I barely had the time to shoot personal stuffs. I miss it a lot especially now that I moved to the Big city. Despite the daily, heavy workload, I am still constantly looking for a new muse and new places for personal shoots here in Manila. If you've anything/anyone to suggest, please email me at aleyn.comprendio@gmail.com

I will be flying to Malaysia, Boracay and Indonesia in the next two and a half weeks for work and pleasure. Im excited and will be exhausted in the coming days, but the experience will be worth it. So many hours will be spent on flying and waiting but I haven't had an alone time in a long while, so I guess this will be a good excuse.

Let's hope the airport x-rays are film safe so I will have something to share when I get back :)

I hope everyone's 2012 is doing great so far!
Love Always,