Digital pictures from my short trip to Maldives 5 days ago. Some were taken by me some were by Alvin Paver for Mayad Studios
This is my first time to post digital pictures here on my blog after 2 years! Im a bit saddened but all is well :) *burst into tears*  Lucy, my Pentax k1000 died on me upon arrival on the hotel/island we were booked in. Despite the mishap, I and my colleagues are ever so grateful and lucky to have been booked in W Maldives! Kyle and Regina are one of the awesome-est couples weve had. I cannot even begin to write how immensely blessed we are to have witnessed and documented their beautiful intimate wedding of 30 guests. 

The food in W were just too good, I felt like crying the moment I woke up this morning in my bed in Manila. One of the best parts of staying there are the Ice cream and drink stations that are free 24/7 :)

This is my last trip for the year and probably the last out-of-the-country, work-related trip from here on out. I wonder what's in-store for me in 2013. 

Always hoping,


Dennie said...

this just so lovely :), place like from the paradise...

Paula Sabrine said...

Beautiful place. Hopefully, I'll be able to visit Maldives in the future.

And I do hope you'll be able to have the camera fixed. I just love your photographs taken using a film camera.

Chyrel Gomez said...

The photos are so beautiful I wanna die.

Anonymous said...

What work did you do here?

Aleyn Comprendio said...

@Dennie: Indeed :)
@Paula: You will :) And thank you, I do hope so :( Thank you so much!
@Chyrel: Aww thank you! Im sure you'll be able to take pictures better than these :)
@anon: we were invited to shoot a wedding :)

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Wow! Superb pictures. I am glad to stop by here as had amazing time through this article.

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