Every day



Every day by David Levithan is so sweet, so heartbreakingly beautiful and just so, so perfect. A's words pierced me like a sharp dagger cutting through my skin. The pain (the bittersweet feeling) lingered far longer than I expected.  It's just like The Fault in Our Stars all over again. 

I want to write a decent review but I fear my words will not good enough to do this book justice so I'll just leave you two of my photographs to make up for the unuttered words/emotions this book gave me.



Chyrel Gomez said...

if not in words, why not in photos? =)

lovely photos, as always.

Carla said...

gorgeous photos :) And David Levithan writes so heartbreakingly well, doesn't he?

sara l said...

beautiful :)

Aleyn Comprendio said...

@chyrel: i might have an "Every day" inspired shoot in the future :)
@carla: ah yes! my new fave author :)
@sara: thank you dearly!

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