Boracay and Ilocos Norte, Philippines
first few days of August

Because of these places, I fell in love with my home country all over again.

I cannot wait to go home in 4 days time and be with my family and friends and shoot more pictures then leave for Hanoi after 5 days for a vacation! I'll be back with more pictures and stories to share :)

Life is awesome!


Lhizette C. said...


I especially like the last one.

Awono Ez said...

your sea photos are always a lovely treat..very beautiful.

Dennie said...

wow, wow, wow!!! amazing places!

Kaye said...

beautiful shots! <3

Aleyn Comprendio said...

thank you girls <3 I wish I could take you all with me :)

AVY said...

I understand that. This looks amazing, I love the fresh feeling.


Myla said...

You photos have that Nordic feel. I wouldn't have guessed it was in Ilocos if not for your captions! Beautiful.

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