Boracay and Ilocos Norte, Philippines
first few days of August

Because of these places, I fell in love with my home country all over again.

I cannot wait to go home in 4 days time and be with my family and friends and shoot more pictures then leave for Hanoi after 5 days for a vacation! I'll be back with more pictures and stories to share :)

Life is awesome!

Miles in Between

Met this guy for like 20 minutes. Apparently, he isnt much of a talker. I just got a few questions out of hand and left. He's from Germany and he stays over at my friend's house in Iloilo as my friend allows couch surfers in his house. I find it rather cool :)

at FUEL.PH and Mayad Academy in Boracay 
end of July

I was able to go home for less than 48 hours because I wasn't gotten a plane ticket back to Manila after Boracay. There, I get to hang out for awhile at the hippest coffee space in Smallville,! If you're around Iloilo, be sure to come visit the place :)

I've always loved this time of the year when we get to meet new and incredibly cool people around the world and be able to share our craft. As usual I am busy with my tasks that I seldom remember to bring my camera with me. Nevertheless, I was still able to catch a few moments during the 4 days we were in Boracay. I wonder when the next one will take place as last year it was in Singapore. 
There's a video of this HERE.

Ever so excited!

P.S. Some more photos under this cut.