Summer Home

These are a few pictures from when I went to Singapore and Jakarta a few months back.
Pictures 1,3-5 : Axioo's beautiful house/workplace. I blogged about this here
Pictures 2 and 3: National Museum of Singapore. A few more pictures here


I am back to flying to and fro again starting next week until the end of August. YAY. 
Back then, I never really dreamt that my life would be like this; heck, I never even thought I'd leave my hometown and live elsewhere. I've always thought that Iloilo was the only place for me and I'd grow old living there. But, God is incredibly amazing. Traveling to beautiful places without paying a cent, staying in the loveliest of hotels, traversing through famous local places, trying out different kinds of food, meeting insanely nice and sweet people, getting paid and getting free stuff are something one can only dream of experiencing when they are working. To say that I am truly blessed would be an understatement.

 I started to long for airplane rides again after being dormant for almost 3 months in the big city. I will be flying for 10 times starting this Saturday and I cannot wait for the adventure that lies ahead. 
Of course, I will not leave each place without taking a few pictures to share them with you.

Be back soon.

Love always,

P.S. I am planning on releasing a Photobook of all my travel pictures( released and unreleaseed ones) and personal shoots (released and unreleased ones) by the end of December. I am also still on planning mode with an awesome Japanese illustrator to collaborate with. I might include that collaboration in the Photobook. Would you be interested in purchasing one? Let me know!


Valerie said...

Yes I will buy your book and have you sign it. *u*

Dennie said...

lucky you, sweetie :)

Anonymous said...

I would really like to buy such a book, your photos are beautiful!

Allie Principe said...

Yes to the book please! I'm excited already! (and hey, I can comment na yay!)

Awono Ez said...

it'd be lovely to have the photo book:)..the flowers in the first photo look so nice.
And wishing u best for the future:)

Tippy ❤ said...

These are really nice :) And yes, I'm excited for the book. I'll definitely have you sign it. Teehee ;)

Aleyn said...

YAY im so happy <3

Cheap Car Rental Italy said...

Hey, it seems to be very wonderful pictures. I am really excited about your book. Looking to hear it soon.

Reykjavik Holidays said...

You have an AMAZING eye! Simply beautiful photos. I love those wedding shots which you have taken.

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