Summer leftovers

I almost forgot I have this roll of film lying around my desk :/

 So, the first few pictures were from a day out in Intramuros a few weeks ago when we toured our friend, Anastasia around and during Marga's birthday (the girl with fresh pink peonies in her hair). 
The rest were during the Heima Collection Launch last month. I have to say that this collection is one of my favorites! I also had a great time listening to three awesome bands who played during the launch. House of Hamsters, Gentle Universe and Hannah + Gabi, you guys were amazing!  

These were the only ones I had taken from the series of events that Heima had because I was too busy most of the time especially during the exhibition. You can see my exhibited pieces in one picture above too. 

This summer was so much fun, although I think it's summer the whole year on this side of the world anyway :) I had a great time spending it with a few old and and a heap of newfound friends. Though, almost all were rather documented by friends with digital cameras, iphone cameras and instaxes, and some weren't documented at all. I get too caught up in the moment most of the time that I seldom remember to take a picture. That or, because I often forget to bring my camera with me- which I think is almost always the case LOL 

How was/ is your Summer (so far)? 

Love always,


Dennie said...

Its so nice to see you have a wonderful time :) ♥

summer just starts here, but it is sooo hot, uhm. hate it, haha :D just overlie around and read, thats all I can do in this horrible weather ;))

Aleyn said...

Thank you Dennie! ♥
Oh really? but don't worry Summer here is insanely hot as compared to Czech's :) I hope you share tons of Summer photos in the coming days. I'd love to see them :)

Dennie said...

I can emagine it :)) bleh :)) ok, i try to shoot some of our country especially for you ;)!
have a nice (autumn) time, honey ♥

Aleyn said...

oh if only we have autumn here :D have a lovely summer Dennie!

Hafsa said...

beautiful photos!

ana b. said...

What a great looking summer and fresh flowers in your friends' hair is so beautiful. Looks like you've been doing some great, fun stuff.

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