Outdoor Dreams

A shoot I did for Heima Home and Lifestyle a few weeks ago for their Summer 2012 Catalogue and Collection that is just bursting with the loveliest summer colors. Thank you so much to Bong Rojales, Rossy Yabut and the rest of the Heima team and to Eldzs Mejia for the awesome styling and Cheska Nolasco for still being ever so beautiful and patient despite the insane summer heat! 

View Heima's Made with Love v. 5 Summer 2012 Catalogue HERE


From our trip back in Anawangin, Zambales last March for our teaser video for the Southern Stories exhibition at Heima. I posted about that here
p.s I am dying for another adventure.

Nine and Thirteen II

A few Bali pictures that I managed to take while working. A few more were already blogged here. The last photo was already taken in Malaysia while waiting for our trip back to Manila because the whole time I was in Bali, there were no big mirrors to shoot self-portraits to. Sad.

I don't know if you've noticed but almost all of my travel pictures are usually on the beach and/or seas while my personal shoots are taken mostly in the woods/forests. Anyway, Im not making any point here, just saying :p 

I turned twenty six last May 19th by the way and yes I now belong to the circle of the late twenties label. I don't care though. Age for me is only a number. But I did care about this particular comment my friend/relative posted on a certain Facebook picture. My comment was about how I miss them and not able to see them in almost 6 years because they live too far away (Saskatchewan) and the reply was that everyone was just so busy growing up and trying to make a living. If I have to name things I loathe, those would be my top 2. I know that's reality but I hated the thought of it. I miss a lot of people these days because everyone seems to be caught up in trying to grow up and make money. I do not exclude myself here and it sucks big time.

This Explosions in the Sky song is too lovely, its making me feel all emotional all of a sudden.

Diary and Book Cover

A peek into my Moleskine that I made into a scrapbook. It used to be full of random sketches but I lost interest in it sometime ago so instead, I gathered all of the paper things, instaxes and postcards I have with me here in my temporary home and stuck them onto these pages. I collect far too many of these, like normal girls do, but the rest are stuck on my mood board/inspiration wall in my room at home.
 So far, I still have a ton more to stick and will share them again sometime.

Victoria Wiebe (an author of 2 books at the age of 16) is such a darling using a photo of mine (lnstaxes on the last picture) as a cover of her new book The Lonely Hearts which just released in Canada about 2 weeks ago. I just got my signed copies this afternoon and I cannot wait to read it! The other copy is for Sorrel, the lovely girl in the cover. I'll take better pictures of it soon.
Available to order at Amazon.com here

Have a wonderful weekend!
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Everything is

For this post, I'll spare everyone the boredom of my endless "Thank yous" and "That is so sweet of yous" as I've noticed it is starting to become a mantra these days (especially on my Twitter -not complaining here), instead I'll share some new pictures as a way of thanking everyone from the positive feedbacks I got from the opening night of the exhibition. To say that the experience before, during and after the event was surreal, would be an understatement. I've learned, discovered, realized oh so much and I've never been truly grateful that I have been blessed with so much. 
I wanted to share, to tell stories of everything from the moment I got invited to display my photographs, my inspiration for "We'd Seen Each Other In A Dream" to having to talk to 100+ people tomorrow, but, just like John Green, "My thoughts are stars, I can't fathom into constellations." 

Some pictures from the event
Please let me know if you've blogged about the event and not listed here so I can add it.
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