Southern Stories

In collaboration with Heima, Charles Buenconsejo and Aleyn Comprendio's two-man show entitled, "Sea Sun and Sky" and We'd Seen Each Other In A Dream", is an exhibit of analogue and film photography. The photographs revolve around their childhood, nostalgia, nature, honesty, and stories from the south.
Southern Stories is the combined title of the two exhibits, much like a book with two sides with varying points of view. This exhibit also defines some of themes of the current summer season for Heima.


Filmed by Bong Rojales using a Lomokino and Lucky Negatives.

Edited by Aleyn Comprendio (1000 plus pictures cropped by yours truly :)

Produced by Heima with Aleyn Comprendio and Charles Buenconsejo

Music : No Way Jose by Tarsius featuring Outerhope (Eggboy cover). To be released on vinyl via Primate, the deput LP by Tarsius under Number Line Records

If you're in Manila, please, please drop by Heima Makati on the 28th of April. I'll be putting up all new works for all of you to see. I'm so excited! I hope to see you all there!

Love Always,


Layla said...

Aleyn, this is truly gorgeous <3 and a bit sad in some way.

Aleyn said...

I like sad things sometimes :) Thank you Layla. I really i wish you could go!

haze said...

This is so beautiful. You put magic into action. You captured magic itself, darling, thank you for this!xx

Maria Nikolaeva said...

wow this is real magic Aleyn! I love it, wonderful work! x

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