2 days in Tagbilaran, Bohol, Philippines and Valerie Chua's first Watercolor Workshop

I want to eat the first few pictures because of their creamy color!

I wasn't able to take much photos in Bohol because we were packed with work that I had little time to take out my camera. I'm hoping to come back again next time.
The clouds were absolutely lovely the day of our flight and so I took out Stargirl and read it for the 2nd time. 

As you may have noticed, I was the official (self-proclaimed) photographer at Val's first workshop and I came unprepared bringing no variations in my ASAs (brought ASA 100 film) in Orvin's (Val's artist/musician boyfriend) dark but dreamy attic. Still, I love the colors that were produced and my exposures were a bit okay, i think :) If you'd like to join the second batch, my tip would be to register the moment you see Valerie's blog post/ad as the slots get easily filled up! I assure you, every penny is worth it :)

I just came back from an awesome roadtrip with Bong and Rossy of Heima and Charles Buenconsejo. I will share about that when Im done processing all the films and editing the video. You will all love it! (Okay Im pressuring myself here)

I'm going home in 3 days and I cannot wait!!!
I just realized that I've already been to a lot of places and it's only the 3rd month of this year. Im so excited for the coming months and what it has in store for me!

How's your 2012 doing so far? :)

Love Always xx


Dennie said...

OH, YOU ASIAN GIRLS ARE SO SO PRETTY! want to make tuns of photos with you, haha .)!!!

Aleyn said...

HAHA! Come to the Philippines, Dennie :)

red said...

gratz! sana more would go and use watercolor as their medium

Chai said...

These are lovely as always! Especially the last one. Val's workshop looks like a lot of fun :)

By the way, I've been meaning to ask you (but I was too shy ahah), what films do you usually use? I'm using a film SLR now but I'm not sure if the ISO works the same as with digital.. Clueless, really ;;

Aleyn said...

Thank you! :) Haha nah, I always answer questions so don't ever hesitate to ask. As for films, Oh I use a lot and whatever I can get my hands on. For this post, I think I used expired Kodak Ultimas 100 which I think the only film that is available in the Philippines. If you have a certain picture you'd like to know what film I used, just give me a link and Il try to remember what I used for it :) Hope that helps!

Daphne said...

Oh my god, this blog is just... perfect and you are incredibly talented! You've got a new fan :)

Have a great day and lots of love,

Aleyn said...

Hello Daphne! Ahh you are too nice, thank you!

Callie Lee said...

I love the tones :) lovely

Teribi said...

Hi! if i may ask, what book were you reading the photo above? - thanks!

Aleyn said...

Hell Teribi! It's Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. I highly recommend it :)

rachel! said...

STARGIRL IS MY HERO. loving your blog! your photos are magical and inspiring.

Aleyn said...

oh gosh i love her too dearly!

faynei said...

Gorgeous photos. *O* And I really wanted to attend Ms. Val's workshop one day. Thank you for taking these shots.^-^

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