These are from my recent trip to Kuching, Serawak, Malaysia and Boracay, Philippines in the last few days of January. It was a such a short yet lovely work/pleasure trip.  
When in Kuching, I got to drink alcohol again after 2 years! I never thought I'd miss drinking beer. LOL 
As always, I am forever thankful for the wonderful and awfully nice people I get to meet and know in all these travels. They inspire me greatly :)
The Boracay trip was my much needed vacation with my close friends in college. I'm glad I was able to go as I won't be able to see them in a long while.

I am currently in Jakarta and having a hard time sleeping even though I've been working since 3 in the morning with less than 3 hours of sleep. This has been an exhausting, yet very rewarding day :)

Yesterday, I got to visit a designer and a photographer's place here in the central part of the city and I have been inspired more than ever! Not only was I inspired by the interiors, but after I found his hardbound copy of Tim Walker's Pictures and Vivian Maier's picture book, I died. 

Free day tomorrow so hopefully I get to roam about the city and explore new things, foods and places. 


Layla said...

Oh my! so gorgeous. I wish I could do a trip like this - in the warm!
and I am absolutely jealous about the Tim Walker book! lucky you to even see that!
enjoy tomorrow, darling, hope we weill see some pictures soon :)

Lubka Letko said...

very beautiful and incredibly perfect photos

sara l said...

absolutely beautiful photos!

Bop Cotaco said...

you have the best job in the world thanks for always sharing it with your follower! :D

Anastasia Siantar said...

the pictures are soooo dreamy! ;)


ana b. said...

Too much loveliness! The water/landscape pictures are my favourites. The softness is so beautiful.

Michelle said...

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Flawberries said...

aah these photos are really amazing *_*
the ozean looks so ..wow !
really lice post :D
lg ;)


Prisilia Felicia said...

the photos are really beautiful<3

Aleyn said...
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