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A few pictures from when I was in Jakarta last February 2 to 7. These were all I documented as I was having far too much fun most of the time that I seldom remember to take pictures. I didnt even get to take pictures with one of our favorite couples, Yohani and Reagan and their friends. We went out most of the time but its always at night or if during the day, we were caught up working :(
They were the main reason why we're there in the first place. Gosh, I hate myself.

The lovely house with the dreamiest interiors is actually an office/work space. It is owned by a Jakarta-based Photography and Videography company called Axioo. It was such an experience to finally be able to meet some of them and be able to visit their workspace as I only got to know and be friends with them online.
My photos suck as I had problems with my camera during that time and the weather wasn't much of a help either. It was raining when we got there. I didn't even give justice to the place. I only took about 40% of the whole house. I swear that house is like Pinterest and Tumblr combined. Notice their restroom? Picture 10 and 11 :)

The last few self-portraits were from when I was waiting for check-out time at Hotel Kempinski. I should have done this from our previous hotel, Pullman Hotel as that hotel was a camera-friendly because of its vintage-industrial-pop interiors. But like I said, I get too caught up most of the time to remember cameras exist haha

I also went home a week after this trip to take some pictures for a REALLY EXCITING event in May. I got my negatives and scans today as well and I cannot wait to share them with you. Details for the event will be posted soon!

I didn't have a date last Valentines, if you care to know, but I had a really nice time spending it, probinsya-style, with the people I love :)

Also, I am going to the Death Cab for Cutie gig on the 5th! Im so excited!

How's your February so far?
Love always,


pinja said...

that house looks amazing!

Florence Uy said...

that's such a cute workspace! I like the photowall <3
glad you had a great time there!

Valerie said...

Aleyn ang cute mo! (self-portrait! Ayii!)

I looove their interiors. I also love the upholstery on photo #3. <3 The flower cart on #15 has funny handles. It has a cartoon/comic effect on photos. Ang cute!

I hope I can also travel one day and invade my idols' studios. Haha. :))

Can't wait for your special event this May!! So excited already!

Aleyn said...

@Florence: If this is my workspace, I'd always get half or less of the work done. It's just too cozy that i might always end up sleeping HAHA

@Valerie: para may exposure naman ako ng konti haha.
Also, I actually told myself if Val's here, she'd love this place! Sobra it's so you na it's so me haha Can't wait to see your new room too! :)

Super excited for May!

Alexandria said...

It is always so interesting to hear about your travels. I love these pics of the house's workspace. It is so adorable! I would hate to leave a place like that. lol!

Have fun at the Death Cab concert!

sara l said...

beautiful photos ! loving every single one of them !

ana b. said...

Looks like a fun time. And yes, amazing place to work. I can't imagine being surrounded by so much beauty at work. As a lawyer, there is just nothing like that at my office. You're my favourite as always, Aleyn!

D E B B I E S E B said...

Your photos are just too lovely! So nostalgic. I'm deeply inspired. :)

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