Diaries | 35mm


Some pictures from my new baby, Lucy (Pentax K1000). 

I didn't take a lot of travel photos this whole of November even though I've been moving/going to places a few times (I've a roll left from my latest trip to Singapore for the 5th and last time this year that I still have to get processed). I don't know why but I think I may have lived for the moment most of the time that I seldom remember to take a picture. I am terrible at chronicling my life that way sometimes. 

Apart from that, this month has ended wonderfully. 
How was your November?

P.S. This song.

Diaries | Instax

Sorrel was free of school for today and so I asked her to model for me for the millionth time with my new Instax wide. Instaxes frame their own way and I have trouble with framing, as you can see from some of the shots here. I used about 16 films and so far I have about 4 that didn't make it.

These are two rooms in our little house, one is mine (which up to now is still under renovation and the other is my parents' (which will also undergo renovation soon). I hope you find my parent's wallpaper lovely as I find it rather handsome. My dad saw rolls of it at an abandoned house and took it home.  Now I have a set to shoot for when I needed one. I love my dad!  :)

Days in October

1-3: The most beautiful group of clouds before sunset on our flight to Davao, Philippines
4. Paper lanterns at Abreeza Mall
5. Our hotel room view

1. Korean girl about to build a sand castle in the most adorable swimwear
2. Small Boracay waves
3. European girls on vacation
4. A portion view of Boracay
5. Roadside in Caticlan on our way back home

1. Liam and a new friend he met while we were in Bonifacio High Street. How cute are those tails?
2. Liam and his dad, Benjie
4. Liam
3. Liam with Marga
4. Suede with Jenn
5. Benjie, Marga and Liam
6. The cutest dogs ever + Suede.

1. On the way to Batangas
2. White cows along the way
3. Pool and Sea at Acquatico, Laiya, Batangas
4. People passing by

1. View of Singapore just before landing
2.  My future car parked outside of Capella Hotel, Sentosa
3. Backyard of our lovely friends, Vivian and Benson
4. Directions inside The Shoppes in Marina Bay Sands
5. Marche, a must-go-to place for dining in Sentosa

1-4:  A portion view of  a street of  flower shops during Halloween in my hometown. 


October was an over-all good month. I've so many memories from these trips, both lovely and sad; been to few other places that I failed to take pictures of and met so many nice people along the way. It was heartbreaking to watch the days pass by so quickly but it brought a smile to my face when I knew that there will be more to look forward to in the future.

I wonder what's in store for me this November.
For now, I hope everyone had an amazing October!