Shot for Anonym Issue 9
I promise this will be the last for now of my obsession for black and white photographs. The two lovely girls in these pictures are Marga Koopmans and Sajarah Galvez. The rest of these pictures are up on my WEBSITE as well.

         September and October has been an okay month for me and I have not been quite productive in terms of shooting pictures as busy months are starting at work which means my days are mostly spent on airplanes, airports and hotel rooms (not complaining though hehe). 
        I might not be able to update even more here on my blog too but I promise I will be back with some lovely stuffs to share. I've already gathered some clothes I got off thrift and vintage stores and some from my trips.
         Oh and I am really interested in collaborating with independent clothing labels. If you wish to do a collaboration of sorts, just email me at