of Seas and Surfing

pictures from my last Bali, Indonesia and Naga, Philippines trip. 
(the guy in the 2nd picture is about to go wake boarding btw)

It's been a while since I haven't gone to the sea and actually sit on the sand and relax. Nowadays, I think relaxing is sleeping during flights. Thankfully, this month I won't be able to travel much so I'd probably take my friends out with me to nearby beaches and just lay on the sand and listen to one of nature's most wonderful sounds; the sound of the waves crashing. 
However, from where I'm from, the waves are not strong enough unlike that in Bali where the waves are too powerful that activities like surfing would be most enjoyed. I'd really love to try out surfing when I go back to Bali again. I'd love to try how to be able to ride the waves and how it would feel like to be hit by the currents. 

If you're itching for a trip on the beach and surf and would love to purchase some boards, here's a good place to head on to,
Surfboard Sale!

Lover, I'll be Home

photos from forever ago as I'm feeling nostalgic and missing the woods as of the moment.

Blogging in Singapore because I cannot sleep even though I've been working since 4 in the morning.

This weekend is the last day of the great Singapore Sale and I'm so proud of myself for not buying any clothes/bags/shoes thus saving me from next month's budget dilemma. I don't feel like spending money on clothes nowadays rather, I feel a lot happier when Im spending it in decorating/renovating my little room.
There is this one shop at Wisma Atria Mall in Orchard Road called Typo that almost got me spending had we not been rushing to go back to the hotel because it was so late. They sell lovely paper products, wall decors, canvas bird paintings in pastel colors and some wood letters. I only got to peek for about 2 minutes so I wasn't able to see what else they were selling. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a few pictures and their website did not do justice http://typoshop.com.au/
I will be back again in October and hopefully I get to stop by, secretly take a few pictures and maybe buy some of those lovely stuffs.

I also met some new friends (Alice and Ping) and a few old ones
(my friend/bride client/ parent from another life, Felicity and her hubby Ketch) that I finally managed to meet again after their wedding last December. They toured me around Bugis area where I saw some small shops that sell sorta like Korean-ish, Mori-girl style clothes. There were so many beautiful clothes that it was so hard for me to choose a few, so I ended up not buying anything LOL

 Tomorrow evening, I will be flying back to the Philippines and I cannot wait to go back home. Also, this week is my (almost) free week, so Im hoping I'll be quite productive this time and do some sets as I'd like to keep this blog more updated than ever. 

How was your weekend?

Nine days

A few shots I managed to get while we were in Singapore about a week ago. We were mostly out at night and I wasn't able to bring higher asa films, so I ended up not taking shots while we were walking and dining out around Marina Bay Sands area (and SG is mostly known for it's sceneries at night!)  :(
Also, before that, we were in Bangkok and Hua Hin in Thailand for 2 days and we're always in such a hurry that I ended up just taking a few shots of the streets of Bangkok but ended up underexposed when I got my negs as it was cloudy and rainy the whole time we were there :(
Crossing my fingers, I will be back there again and take more decent shots.

Though I failed at taking lots of photographs during these trips, the memories and the people that I met in my 9-day trip to Bangkok and Singapore made up for it. We met and made a lot of friends from all over the world. They are one of the nicest, most down-to-earth people and I'm so lucky to be able to experience learning from their culture and their works and we are just as lucky to be able to impart our knowledge in our field as well.

As i am typing this, I am packing  as I will be leaving for Singapore again the next day. I hope to take more photos this time *crossing fingers for the nth time*.