Indonesia 9th-13th of March

9th-13th of March 2011
Bali, Indonesia

I didn't do Bali justice with these photos. It was hard to take lots of pictures since we went there for work. Most of these were just stolen shots in between shoots. Hopefully, next time I get to go back, like for a vacation and tour a lot around and maybe I'll be able to go and try surfing too. :)


I am thinking of putting up an Etsy shop but I'm contemplating whether to sell vintage clothes or prints. 
If I sell, what would you be more interested in buying?


With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair

Spontaneous pictures of my little sister in a local cemetery after our grandmother's funeral.
5th of March 2011

And here's a picture of me taken by her.

March 6th

Boracay, Philippines
February 17th