Merry Christmas!

pictures from my recent trips to Singapore and Baguio City 

My last post for this year. I am forever grateful for people who often and always visit this blog even though I am probably the most terrible blogger on the blogosphere. Thank you oh so dearly! I hope to post as frequently as before this coming year. *Fingers crossed*
I've been blessed with so much this 2011 and I'm confident enough to say that I will be even more blessed in 2012. Hee~
I think 2012 will be my year. 

For now, I'd just like to greet everybody a wonderful Christmas and a very productive and exciting New year!

Love always,


Gela said...

keep inspiring people w/ your art, Aleyn! i always look forward to your posts. :)

happy holidays!

boat ride through the sky

Dennie said...

merry christmas to you too, honey ♥

Christina said...

I'll say it again: Your photos are tear-jerkers. In a good way. =) Merry Christmas, Aleyn!

Aleyn said...

I've the sweetest online friends! Thank you so much dearests. Enjoy the Holidays! <3

Maria Nikolaeva said...

Wonderful photos! They are so light and peaceful :) Merry xmas x

dent-de-lion said...

merry christmas, x

(I pray you are feeling bright in the inside)

Aleyn said...

Thank you dear Maria <3 Merry Christmas to you!
@dent-de-lion: Merry Christmas! And I actually am feeling bright inside, thank you :)

Shukura Li said...

lovely post
i havent been on ur blog in sooo long i caoe off here but now i back, and ur pics have gotten even better =D great set of photographs, film yh/ lovely...and the lil girl with the flowers and the cafe pic i love those pics. all the picsa r so light they look dated and special great job!!!
how r u?
shukura li

Aleyn said...

Shukura darling, it has been a long time! How are you? Thank you so much I'm happy you like them too <3

joana said...

lovely soft tones :)
that is the cutest little girl ever!

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