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A little something different :)

I've been meaning to share these a few months back but I waited for awhile since it was supposed to be in an online publication. But I had been informed earlier that the zine will now cease to exist due to some legal matters. It was a really good magazine with features from upcoming talented artists and it's just heartbreaking to know that it will no longer undergo any production :( 
The lovely girl in these photos is Rikkah Formaran and the wonderful Kat San Juan helped me put on the sequins on her eyes. The rest of the photos are up on my WEBSITE.

I am terribly sorry for being such an irresponsible blogger. I hope I get to share a lot in the coming months as I will be on the road again starting next week.

I almost always update on my FACEBOOK PAGE and TWITTER.
Im guessing everyone had a lovely weekend.


Christina said...

Perfect title. The photos are so poetic!

Paula said...

So beautiful pictures.

xx Paula || intergalactic radio station

Miriam Stella said...

Nice , nice, nice! you and the post!
I let you know that tomorrow ends my Chanel giveaway! Do you partecipe?
Se My Miriamstella blog end let me know what you think about!
Miriamstella ( from Italy)

sara l said...

great post!

Barbara said...

that's sad!!! :( but these are great pictures!! thaks for sharing!

Aleyn said...

thank you girls <3
Barbara: Yes it is. But that's okay :) Im just glad that Im able to share these with you guys now

Awono Ez said...

the pictures are lovely!

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