February 2nd

me at a Grecian inspired house in Tagaytay, Philippines.

The above photos were random posey shots when we were on break while on a wedding film shoot in Tagaytay.
Please excuse my frequent absence as I have been extremely busy traveling and shooting for work. I have loads of photos to share but those will have to wait. I will also be launching my website pretty soon too. I've never been this excited!

On another note, I received the new Fuji Mini Instax 50s in the mail today. An extremely kind person sent it to me when (he) saw my wishlist on my personal Facebook wall. I've never felt so freaked out and happy at the same time. With that said, I guess you will also see some outtakes and snapshots from it when I have the time to scan.

How's everybody's New year so far?


Dennie said...

what a lucky girl U are... :)
jealous on your "photo-traveling-work" .)!
have a nice time and enjoy it ;)...

Aleyn said...

Hello Dennie :) No, don't be. My work just has it perks sometimes :)

Gela said...

i've been stalking your blog for a while now, & your photos are AMAZING. you capture the natural beauty of places, people, everything so well! your photography is truly breathtaking. :)

boat ride through the sky

Aleyn said...

Hello Gela, It's so nice to see a fellow Filipino blogger around here. Thank you so much for such kind, kind words. :)
Although for this post, credits to these photos were to my friends/bosses :)

Maria Nikolaeva said...

ohh these pictures are amazing! you must've had some great times while travelling/working :)
and it's indeed exciting news about the website! looking forward to seeing it :) x

Smol Dusaran said...

Nice pics shake! You create the illusion of wonder each time you click... :-)

Aleyn said...


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