February 13th

After months of persuasion, I finally succumbed to my friend Marga's request to take my picture with make-up and such. She did the styling and hair and make-up as well. Sadly though, we only get to do this rather quickly, around 15 minutes, as it was really late and we didn't have much natural light. These were already taken at around 6:15-6:30 pm a few moments after sunset. Huge credit goes to the 50 1.2 lens that we borrowed from a friend :)
She also did a really lovely post about me on her blog HERE. Thanks Maggie, yer ze best! <3

I also took black and white film photos of our friend Sorrel who happened to be there too. She was the model at first and I'm the photographer, then afterwards, I get to be the model and she gets to be the assistant while Marga is taking my picture. It was so much fun especially because we really are running out of natural light and the battery's dying on us every few minutes. 

I will get them processed in Manila probably next week since I'm leaving town again tomorrow.  If the pictures turn out great, I'll probably choose that set for a group exhibition outside the country. *fingers crossed*

As I am writing this, It's Valentines Day and I'm at home with my family. We had this kind of barbecue party and my dad cooked our favorite Filipino foods while mom's preparing all the other stuffs, like getting the karaoke ready. :) 
No date for me this year hehe

Now, I have to get back to eating the Oreo cheesecake when I'm done typing. 
I hope everyone is having a lovely time in this cool and breezy Valentines day!



Valerie said...

You're so beautiful! <3

I just realized that you're absolutely photogenic. And I have to agree with Maggie's entry. Pure talent!

poldingsena said...

your worx never fail to amaze me... :)
and you look stunning too!

Aleyn said...

Hi Val, awww. <3 I'm still wishing I have your talents :)
Poldingsena, you are so kind, thank yoou

Alexandria said...

these are beautiful and the makeup is stunning. :)
Have a lovely day!

Sheyka said...

Agree with Valerie. You're photogenic, Aleyn :)

poldingsena said...

if youre not too busy it would be lovely to have a shoot with you sometimes! :)

Maria Nikolaeva said...

so prettyyyyy :)

Sina Kauri said...

i like this b&w ones very much. beautiful!

China Mungcal said...

You're so pretty Aleyn! :) I love how these photos look so delicate.. and I can't get over how pretty you are with that hair <3

Aleyn said...

Ahh you guys are so sweet. Thank you all <3
China, really? it's actually my first time to try that and putting false eyelashes hehe. :)

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