9th December

In Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC), Naga. 
I didn't get to do those stuffs while in there but I enjoyed watching them do their thing on a grassy lakeside. It was windy and gloomy and perfect for these sports that day. There was also this Wind or no Wind event where all the Pros from around the world gathered to compete for some record only they know.

 Though badly exposed, I still like to share these pictures of a friend Ryan of Mangored and his ultra cool Pink Lambretta, matching his pink shoes, pink cap and light blue shirt. 


Last post for this year.
 Thank you to the lovely people who read my blog and who have kept me inspired to continue on blogging despite my busy life. I may have not replied to each comment but I read every single one of them and appreciate them with all my heart. Thank you so very much. I could not ask for anything else.

I hope next year will be a great year for all of us. I myself have already some out of the country trips lined up because of work and I cannot wait to go and take more pictures and be able to share them to you all. 

May God bless your kind hearts.

With love,

4th-8th December

4 different cities/islands in the Philippines in 4 days.
December 4-8 twenty ten.

The Weepies- Can't Go Back Now

2nd December

I took these while in transit.
Somewhere in Aklan, Philippines
December 2nd twenty ten.

Night lights- Francois and the Atlas Mountains

22nd December

My room.

I have a small interview over at thiskidlovesvintage and 10 4x6 prints + a pack of Fuji instax films to give to one lucky reader. All you have to do is follow the links above and Gen's rules regarding the giveaway. Best of luck!
Also, anyone can join as I am able to ship internationally.

6th December

digital photos of me from 12 hours ago in Tagaytay, PH. 

I have been on the road, on air and at sea for the past three days. 
The sun has been a pain at some place and helpful at another. We always have this love-hate thing, so this isn't new to me.

I only get about less than 5 hours of sleep and I could never be thankful for window seats. There is something in seeing everything fast-paced that lulls me to sleep, especially when I needed some. 

I have met a lot of extremely nice people, seen and met a lot of famous ones and hated a few. 

My camera is almost always sitting beside me. It sits alongside my phone with Seabear's music on repeats.
 I have been taking snapshots every once in a while whilst in transit and I cannot wait to get them all used and processed. 

No travelling today. 
And so I sleep.