19th September

My newest muse, Lensei.
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(Here we go again with the awful low quality images. I hate you blogspot because of this)
Edit: Finally figured out how to turn posted images into high quality ones. Thanks Google.

North Borneo, 9th-12th September

Joveyn is the loveliest Chinese-Malaysian girl I've ever met.
A view from our hotel window.
Joveyn and Henry.
 They are such a cute couple. I love them both for touring us around and letting us eat really delicious food in Kota Kinabalu.

and last but not least, the spiciest noodle I've tasted in my life!
 And that's not even the spiciest on the menu!
Also, that rose float is looove. I had the tropical one the next day. 
Old Town in Kota Kinabalu makes the best float drinks ever!

A view from my window seat.
Goodbye KK. 

On an unrelated note, A photo of mine is on the cover of the new issue of Unicorn/ Dream Magazine. Some of my works have also been featured there. Thank you Unicorn/Dream!

6th September

The oldest church in the Philippines (seen below) can be found about an hour jeepney ride from where I live.
Photos from our random roadtrip in Miagao last Monday, September 6th.