23rd August

In Hongkong from forever ago. (April 2010)
 Photos from the lost cf card that was found just last week. I forgot who took this as I was shooting film.
My hair was messy and wet all over the place as we had to leave the hotel early. :/
That guy behind me looks interesting. I didn't notice him while Marga was taking my picture. hmm~
Sorry I only had to post three pictures. :/
I am excited for September! I will be in Malaysia by the second week and hopefully I get to take lots and lots of pictures. It's going to be my first time to go to Kota Kinabalu, so I can't wait.
 I hope to stay in Manila long enough so I can see my friends there again too.

17th August

1st picture: My mom( the one with the watch) and high school friends. 1977 (?)
2nd picture: Mama and Nanay (my grandmother) inside Central Philippine University. I also went to school there. 1969 (?) 

A couple of photographs I found inside my Mama's drawer when I was looking for some old letters. Came with those is an old notepad with faux leather skin cover full of lists of movies she and Papa have been seeing in movie theaters from 1983-1985 (the year they got married). Oh, how delighted I was to see this! Though, sadly, it would take forever to scan all those fragile little pages. :[
I scanned these pages instead.
This is my Mom's vows during their wedding on the 26th of December 1985.  This year they will be celebrating their silver and I am dearly grateful they've come this far. God has blessed our family with so much and we are ever so thankful.

17th of August 2010 is my mom's 50th birthday. It was celebrated with lots of love, warmth and chocolate cakes (we still haven't finished eating everything inside those cake boxes). It was raining and muddy and windy but we enjoyed the evening, nevertheless. 
I love you Mama, always. Happy birthday.

On an unrelated note, if you need some real good folk, and other indie, summer-in-the-woods kind of music, go hereFourwinds creates the most beautiful mixes!
I also found these lists created by a darling girl named MJ. Go here.
I have yet to find and read some of the books she has listed. They seem to be quite interesting.

Dress up and Draw

Dress up and draw is a darling project started by Artist Valerie Chua. A full description of this project can be found here

This is Valerie Chua's fashion illustration of me. How perfect is this? I think she looks EXACTLY like me. And that camera is the most beautiful accessory ever.

 It may not seem so obvious in my blog that I have a huge fetish for clothes, shoes and fashion in general since I do not mostly post some here and I do not like it too much to post self portraits (I have a Lookbook though but I do not update it as much), but if you can see through my Flickr portfolio, all( unless otherwise stated) the clothes, shoes and accessories (hats,tights, socks etc.) that my lovely muses are wearing  are all from my closet. I still haven't used 50% of the clothes inside it. :]

I admire Valerie Chua's works so dearly that it is such a huge honor to be drawn by her. If you still haven't seen Valerie's work, I suggest you should have a look at it now.  Her blog and Deviant art.

Bea, 6th August

Bea is 17.  When I first saw her months ago in my friend Marga's baptism, I knew she'd make a lovely muse for my set. 
Her lovely locks and chinese eyes  did not fail me.  

p.s I ruined another film this day. *insert neutral emoticon here*
 There was supposed to be a lovely set with trees and tiny little flower fields and Bea on it but that was taken with the unexposed film that I have no idea why such has happened. Oh well, I guess it'll be for the next one. 

These were taken 30 minutes away from where we live. I live in a fairly small city/province that 30 minutes is already quite a long time for travelling. 
Hooray for road trips!

Please go to my Flickr for a much nicer quality.