7.24.10 Of Summer

The quality in these are just so disappointing. I haven't the least idea why sometimes blogger does this to my photos. 
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Despite losing my other film that day for being such an idiot, I'm still pretty happy with how the other inexpensive(sort of a trial ) film turned out. My friends Patrick and Sorrel who were with me that day can attest to my mishaps.

We found this lovely field,almost-forest like at the back of a hidden trail- a 15 minute drive from where the three of us live. It is such an amazing find as the plan was just to wander about the area. The weather is sort of exactly how you see in here, gloomy with tons of clouds hovering over and with a little hint of sunshine. The rain has been pouring in small amounts and by the time we're done, it poured like crazy.
 I am loving this current film and since I can just get it here in our local photography stores, expect more photos to grace my little Flickr and blog and oh, Tumblr in the days ahead.

p.s.  I designed that little hat with some of my little trinket flowers that I got from the local craftstore. Everything Sorrel was wearing were all  vintage except the skirt( got it in Hongkong). The peterpan collared blouse with all those pretty holes wasn't done justice in these photos, as you cannot see the collar, but it is really lovely "in person".
All from my closet.


Hush, Mother says. Madeleine is sleeping. She is so beautiful when she sleeps, I do not want to wake her. The small sisters and brothers creep about the bed, their gestures of silence becoming magnified and languorous, fingers floating to pursed lips, tiptoes rising descending as if weightless. Circling about her bed, their frantic activity slows; they are like tiny insects suspended in sap, kicking dreamily before they crystallize into amber. Together they inhale softly and the room fills with one endless exhalation of breath: Shhhhhhh.
- Madeleine is Sleeping by Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum


Richard of Fourth Estate interviewed me for their Blog. Click here. Fourth Estate features works from talented photographers around the world that needed the exposure they so deserve.   I am truly honored to be a part of this and I'm sorry if  my answers sound ridiculous. 
Thank you so much Richard.


The first photo was taken during one of our old shoot and afternoon road trip with my good friend  Marga and her friends. The second was also from an old shoot with my little sister, Alyanna at our backyard, one sunny afternoon in November of 2009.

Ambassadors of Progress

I am truly lucky to find this amazing book off at Booksale for 300 PHP (about 7USD )about 2 weeks ago. This is a traveling book and an exhibition of the most beautiful and inspiring photographs taken by women during the 1800s and the 1900s, a time when women where only limited to domestic living imposed by Victorian mores. I shall have you read this book's description in here for a rather almost-detailed summary of the book.
There are about 200 photographs exhibited and were found on this book, but I only have a few to show you. Most of which are my favorites. You can click on the photo to view the name of the photograph/s and the photographer. But if it's too blurry, I'll provide them anyhow.
Left:  Good Morning!, ca.1900and Right:  Old Deerfield, ca. 1900 by Mary Electra Allen and frances Stebbins Allen
Left: At Dusk, 1983 and Right: Diana, 1898 by Emma Justine Farnsworth 
Left: Hunger ist der Beste Koch. [Hunger is the Best Cook] 1898,  Right: Looking Seaward, 1889,by Mary Albert Wiggins
Left: The Village Politician, ca 1900 by Emma L. Fitz
Right: Blessed Art Thou Among Women, 1899 by Gertrude Stanton Kasebier
Left: [Two Girls wearing white dresses and dark stockings reading a book], ca 1900 and Right: From Old Virginia, ca 1900 by Virgina M. Prall
Feeding the Calves, ca. 1990 by Mabel Osgood Wright
Left:  Interest, ca. 1900 and Right:  Sweet Peas, ca. 1900 by Eva Gamble Walborn
Left : [Woman with Cat], ca, 1900 by Eva Lawrence Watson- Schutze
Right: The Embroidery Frame, ca. 1900 by Mathilde Weil
Left: Prince Pierre Troubetskoy, painter, ca. 1900 and Right: [Girl in period dress with headband], ca. 1900 by Emily Mew

Below are biographies of some of the artist-photographers that were featured on the exhibition. there are a lot of them but I only featured some.
the back cover.

I hope you love it as much as I do.
If you want to purchase, I think Amazon still has it for about $40.