6th December

digital photos of me from 12 hours ago in Tagaytay, PH. 

I have been on the road, on air and at sea for the past three days. 
The sun has been a pain at some place and helpful at another. We always have this love-hate thing, so this isn't new to me.

I only get about less than 5 hours of sleep and I could never be thankful for window seats. There is something in seeing everything fast-paced that lulls me to sleep, especially when I needed some. 

I have met a lot of extremely nice people, seen and met a lot of famous ones and hated a few. 

My camera is almost always sitting beside me. It sits alongside my phone with Seabear's music on repeats.
 I have been taking snapshots every once in a while whilst in transit and I cannot wait to get them all used and processed. 

No travelling today. 
And so I sleep.


Layla Jaglovs said...

beautiful girl you are <3 :))

Greer said...

oh my, this is beautiful..

Maria Nikolaeva said...

aww lovely.. such gentle tones :)
I want to be on road 24/7, feels like it's exactly what I need now!

Valerie said...

Why are your photos so beautifullll? <3 These are so inspiring, also the ones in the post below.

And oh oh I want to send you a postcard this Christmas and you're one of my greatest inspirations so yeah. :) Can you email me your address at chua.valerie(at)gmail.com?

Aleyn said...

Oh Valerie! why are you so nice? I would love to! Ah, this is such a wonderful Christmas present to look forward too ~ Thank you.

Thank you to the three lovely ladies above. I feel like Im hovering above the clouds these days but all is well. I cannot wait to show you the rest of the pictures. I'm gonna have to wait till before Christmas till I'm home and get the films processed.
I'll board a plane again tomorrow for another city. I cannot wait since it's my first time in that place.
I hope the Holidays treat you well.

With love,

Mai-Kim Thi Dang said...

already I love it!

Shukura Li said...

these are lovely pics esp the first one

hope u r well im back on blogger after a long time

Shukura Li said...

aaww ur sweet thnks for that
im happy to be back and takin pics


Layla said...

One of your beautiful picture has been featured at my blog here: http://jaglovs.blogspot.com :)

Aleyn said...

Oh thank you Layla!

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