2nd December

I took these while in transit.
Somewhere in Aklan, Philippines
December 2nd twenty ten.

Night lights- Francois and the Atlas Mountains


Layla said...

no, it is not.. you have to feel it, too. ;)
I really like the last three photos, they are so lovely :)

Laura said...

I'm always so glad when I discover another great blog...
Keep up the good work, your photos are very beautiful!
I'll definitely visit your blog again! :)

Shukura Li said...

what happens when it get orange and red?
i like it alot
what film did u use?

Aleyn said...

Hi Shukura, I actually havent the least idea about how light leaks turn out nor what colors they give. They are just so random. I'm actually quite surprised as to whereabouts those pink/reddish leaks came from.
I used a cheap, fresh Kodak ISO 200 film for these. :)

Layla & Laura: Thank you, I'm glad you like them.

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