24th September

All colors made me happy: even gray. 
My eyes were such that literally they 
Took photographs.

- from Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov



I have been featured on the new issue of Kismet Magazine Germany.
 It would be lovely if you guys could go and have a look.


Mei said...

A-do-ra-ble ~

Aleyn said...

Hello Mei, thank you

Miles Of Style said...

i love your outfit...you look uber cute!

v. happy to have discovered your blog.


Aleyn said...

Hello Persis, you have a beautiful name.
Oh that is my friend Marga you are referring to. I just took her picture. :) And yes she's got lovely clothes. :)

So glad to have you visit my blog. I shall visit yours as well.


Tessa Kit said...

Hi there Lovely! I'd just like to say your blog is so wonderful and you take amazing pictures. I wish I could take some like you.. Do you use expired film? I can never make mine look as dreamy and wonderful as yours
Love x

Aleyn said...

Hello Tessa, thank you ever so much.
Yes, I used some expired films on my previous shoots, but for this one, I used an unexpired cheap Kodak 200 film which I think you can get at your local photography shops :]

Layla Jaglovs said...

amazing ones!

miau said...

amazing photos!

miau said...

oh there are really beautiful!

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