Dress up and Draw

Dress up and draw is a darling project started by Artist Valerie Chua. A full description of this project can be found here

This is Valerie Chua's fashion illustration of me. How perfect is this? I think she looks EXACTLY like me. And that camera is the most beautiful accessory ever.

 It may not seem so obvious in my blog that I have a huge fetish for clothes, shoes and fashion in general since I do not mostly post some here and I do not like it too much to post self portraits (I have a Lookbook though but I do not update it as much), but if you can see through my Flickr portfolio, all( unless otherwise stated) the clothes, shoes and accessories (hats,tights, socks etc.) that my lovely muses are wearing  are all from my closet. I still haven't used 50% of the clothes inside it. :]

I admire Valerie Chua's works so dearly that it is such a huge honor to be drawn by her. If you still haven't seen Valerie's work, I suggest you should have a look at it now.  Her blog and Deviant art.


Shukura Li said...

it is a lovely drawing
i would love to have one of myself its always interesting to see how people draw u


Indie.Tea said...

O, I LOVE that little drawing...so cute!

Aleyn said...

It's adorable , YES? Yes Yes.
I think her awesome awesome project is up still. You might get a chance to be drawn too. Just go straight ahead Valerie's blog.

Megan said...

This is so lovely.
Is it odd, that I want her clothes?
That little dolly have the most adorable fashion sense and I very much would like what she is wearing.
That is the most adorable picture I have seen. It must be one of my favourites. How lucky you are! Valerie is very talented.
I will have a look at her blog too xx

Aleyn said...

Oh thank you. What this lovely thing is wearing is patterned after a photo of myself that I sent to Valerie Chua as basis. Some changes were done on the outfit( the shoes ann the skirt) but the overall style is still very much 'me'. I will let you see the photo if you like hehe.
She is really talented! Yes, I suggest you head over her blog and fancy yourself with all her beautiful artworks!

Megan said...

Oh I would love to see the photo :)
I can tell from your profile picture that you are ever so pretty, and now you have wonderful fashion sense. Oh how luck you are.
P.S Thank you for the beautiful comment, it means a lot xx

Aleyn said...

Of course, of course. Here's the link. http://i34.tinypic.com/2yvutsi.jpg (sorry for the horrible quality)
She illustrated me so perfectly! I couldn't be happier. And to think it is for free! :]
I hope she will open slots for Dress up and draw again so you might also get the opportunity to be drawn Megan.
Oh and no, I am nowhere near the word so pretty but thank you for saying so. It made me feel a little okay about myself. I would love to see a photo of you too!
And you are very much welcome. I hope you are feeling better now. Stay strong and have faith Megan.

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