Bea, 6th August

Bea is 17.  When I first saw her months ago in my friend Marga's baptism, I knew she'd make a lovely muse for my set. 
Her lovely locks and chinese eyes  did not fail me.  

p.s I ruined another film this day. *insert neutral emoticon here*
 There was supposed to be a lovely set with trees and tiny little flower fields and Bea on it but that was taken with the unexposed film that I have no idea why such has happened. Oh well, I guess it'll be for the next one. 

These were taken 30 minutes away from where we live. I live in a fairly small city/province that 30 minutes is already quite a long time for travelling. 
Hooray for road trips!

Please go to my Flickr for a much nicer quality.


Shukura Li said...

what a lovely model and what beautiful hair she has tell her never to straighten it!!! never ever ever ever ever

and obviously great great great photographs!!!!!

lovely set...nicely put together aswell
and i honestly love them aaalllllll

keep them coming
p.s what camera did u take these on?


Maria Nikolaeva said...

she's very beautiful! great pictures, so dreamy and romantic :)
p.s. I ruined a roll of film a couple of days ago too, the pictures were meant to be real good... ah well!! we'll be taking more ;)

Aleyn said...

Shukura: Oh thank you dear! She is such a darling and I'm guessing she won't be choppin off her curls anytime soon. :]
I use an old Pentax Me SLR for these and a cheap film.

Maria: Oh really? This is probably not our best day I believe.
Thank you. Yes, yes she is.

inna said...

wow. amazing. so beautiful.

Marinka said...

Love those photos they are beautiful

Aleyn said...

Thank you darlings

Shukura Li said...

Hiya Aleyn
great new i have a canon ae1 a guy from my church had it...and gave it to me amazing right.

ok so there are so many buttons and no manual
i need your help
what batteries do they take?
how do you turn it on?

whats that little black button on the left handside by the asa
and whats the silver button on the left hand side by the asa?

oh yeah and do u even have the canon ae1 lol


Aleyn said...

Oh. haha well, I don't have a Canon ae1 though. Im sorry I don't think I can be of help, but when things like this bother me, I go to Youtube or google the camera's model. The forums are ofbig help too, so I suggest you google on Canon Ae1 forums.

miau said...

oh I love these photos

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