23rd August

In Hongkong from forever ago. (April 2010)
 Photos from the lost cf card that was found just last week. I forgot who took this as I was shooting film.
My hair was messy and wet all over the place as we had to leave the hotel early. :/
That guy behind me looks interesting. I didn't notice him while Marga was taking my picture. hmm~
Sorry I only had to post three pictures. :/
I am excited for September! I will be in Malaysia by the second week and hopefully I get to take lots and lots of pictures. It's going to be my first time to go to Kota Kinabalu, so I can't wait.
 I hope to stay in Manila long enough so I can see my friends there again too.


Valerie said...

The Buddha silhouette in the first photo is uncanny, it's lovely. :) And you look absoluuuutely cute in that outfit + heartscarf. <3 I hope we get to meet whenever you drop by in Manila.

Shukura Li said...

hat guy behind me looks interesting. I didn't notice him while Marga was taking my picture. hmm~

that made me laugh when i read that

an half of them were taken on ilford hp5
and the other half on kodak and converted to b& w in p.s

thanku i m glad u like the emotion in the 4th and 5th

thank u for your feedback
and ur lucky to be going Malaysia must be amazing!!


Aleyn said...

Valerie: Oh that is my favorite part of the picture too! The fog made it all so mystical and beautiful.
Yes, yes that'd be great. I only have to check with the schedule and the tickets if I have enough time to squeeze in to meet you before I come home. I would be thrilled to meet you!

Shukura: Haha. He does look interesting and cute on that angle. Pity I wasn't able to notice him on that day. I would have taken lots of pictures of him :P

Oh that's awesome! I haven't tried Ilford hp5 but I'm hoping to find those films next month.
You are very welcome dear. Please shoot some more. We all want to see them.

Shukura Li said...


so you basically fancy him lol

although yes he would make a great photographic subject lol

and yes that is a bob Marley can how cool right there were loads of flavors and they tasted really really nice ..icant wait till there in stores

im glad u like what i caught, im quite pleased with it too

thnks for commenting


Aleyn said...

Haha! I am so obvious
and No way! That is really cool. I wish they'd sell some around here.

Yes,yes I love them! Those memories are genuine. I'd be really proud of myself to be able to have some courage to ask and take photographs of random people :]

Marinka said...

those photos are really lovely

Daphne said...

Aleyn! Oh my god, I missed your blog (and you of course:)so much, love the new lay-out. Will read all those posts I've missed now.:) xx
Love always,

Aleyn said...

Thank you Marinka! <3

Daphne dear, words cannot express how glad I am that you're back!
Thank you so much though Im not yet done with my links. I have yet to put yours and other friends' blogs there. I just don't have enough time to sort all the links these past weeks since i am very busy with work. I might do it after I get back from Malaysia.
Oh It's so nice to hear fromo yu again Daphne!

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