17th August

1st picture: My mom( the one with the watch) and high school friends. 1977 (?)
2nd picture: Mama and Nanay (my grandmother) inside Central Philippine University. I also went to school there. 1969 (?) 

A couple of photographs I found inside my Mama's drawer when I was looking for some old letters. Came with those is an old notepad with faux leather skin cover full of lists of movies she and Papa have been seeing in movie theaters from 1983-1985 (the year they got married). Oh, how delighted I was to see this! Though, sadly, it would take forever to scan all those fragile little pages. :[
I scanned these pages instead.
This is my Mom's vows during their wedding on the 26th of December 1985.  This year they will be celebrating their silver and I am dearly grateful they've come this far. God has blessed our family with so much and we are ever so thankful.

17th of August 2010 is my mom's 50th birthday. It was celebrated with lots of love, warmth and chocolate cakes (we still haven't finished eating everything inside those cake boxes). It was raining and muddy and windy but we enjoyed the evening, nevertheless. 
I love you Mama, always. Happy birthday.

On an unrelated note, if you need some real good folk, and other indie, summer-in-the-woods kind of music, go hereFourwinds creates the most beautiful mixes!
I also found these lists created by a darling girl named MJ. Go here.
I have yet to find and read some of the books she has listed. They seem to be quite interesting.


Shukura Li said...

lovely post

and the note pad ,beautiful delicate pictures, notepad

love the one of you and your mum the most...

alot of nice memories here



Aleyn said...

Oh, Shukura dear, that is not me. That is my mom and my grandmother in the photo. That was taken in 1968 or 1969, I suppose. I was born in the summer of 1986. :]
Indeed! Ah, these photos and a lot of them that I didn't scan, made my heart flutter. Old photographs just gives you that feeling you can't quite seem to utter. And I love that feeling.


Maria Nikolaeva said...

this is so lovely and touching :)
happy belated birthday to your mum !

Aleyn said...

Thank you Maria. I shall tell her your greetings

Anonymous said...

lol sorry i thought the dates were odd but thought maybe you jus made a mistake lol

still a lovely picture though...

and i know what you mean about that feeling



elle said...

Hello there, I'm rather new to the "blog-hood", so I've been browsing the web, and I'm glad I've stumbled upon yours; and what a lovely place you got here! You're lucky to have access to your parents' memoirs of the past. I love browsing through old photographs of my family; but they never kept any journals or notepads -- but at least I have their images to look at. Happy Birthday to your mom by the way :-)

Speaking of images, I love the dreamlike/ethereal poetry of your photographs, thanks for sharing them! I was born in the Phil, but moved to the states, so it's nice to know about Filipino artists and photographers, like Valerie and Tim Serrano whom you featured in your past entries :-)

me said...

beautiful :D
i should look through some of my mum's old photographs again, too!
/ danmi

Aleyn said...

Shukura: It's totally okay dear. <3

Elle: Why, hello there. I am truly glad you've stumbled upon my little blog. Thank you, I will let her now.
Yes, yes it is such a wonderful feeling to be able to see a piece of your family's history.

How lovely of you to say so, thank you.
Oh really? Where in the Philippines exactly?
There are loads of them artists here now. I cannot keep track though, but once I found they're websites again, I will let you know.

Danmi: Thank you darling. You should, you should

elle said...

When I was there, I lived in the province of Tarlac..in central Luzon I think (my Phil geography's a bit rusty)

But yes, I've noticed that there's all these talented photographers/artists/bloggers (you included) hailing from the Philippines :-)

Aleyn said...

Elle: Oops! I reread my comment and I meant their not they're website. Anyhow, I've never been to Tarlac but I am pretty sure it is beautiful.
I live in Iloilo City in Western Visayas. Quite far from Tarlac, I suppose.
When will you have your vacation here? I think Philippines is a little different than when you were here, especially Manila.

Yes, there are loads. I think Valerie Chua has a list on her blog under 7,107 boys and girls. http://heyquietgirl.blogspot.com/ I do not know most of them though, but I have seen their works and I am truly proud, Im Pinoy. I'm pretty sure you will too.

elle said...

I've never been anywhere outside Luzon :-( But I have friends who have visited Iloilo and has shown me pictures of their travels: historical buildings, waterfalls and the like -- it was amazing! Unfortunately, no travel plans at the moment, but hopefully in a couple of years. The last time I visited was about 10 years ago; I'm sure that LOTS have change since then.

Thanks for the link, I'll definitely check it out. And I sure am proud to be Pinoy as well :-)

Aleyn said...

Ahh, yes. We do have some old Spanish houses around here. We have here that has a live eagle in it! And the place is all designed exteriorly with eagle sculptures and such. Fancy that for a house!
I haven't seen any waterfalls though, but a friend told me there's a small one about an hour ride from where my house is. Though I quite cannot recall exactly where. I have yet to find out.

Oh that is a long time. Well, Im pretty sure you'll have a great time here when you get back.

You are very much welcome. Yay for Pinoy pride, despite recently reported problems in Manila.

Lex said...

MJ is french but prefers english. She has a blog: http://end-of-march.blogspot.com/

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