7.24.10 Of Summer

The quality in these are just so disappointing. I haven't the least idea why sometimes blogger does this to my photos. 
Please go to my FLICKR instead.
Edit: Finally figured out why. Thanks Google.

Despite losing my other film that day for being such an idiot, I'm still pretty happy with how the other inexpensive(sort of a trial ) film turned out. My friends Patrick and Sorrel who were with me that day can attest to my mishaps.

We found this lovely field,almost-forest like at the back of a hidden trail- a 15 minute drive from where the three of us live. It is such an amazing find as the plan was just to wander about the area. The weather is sort of exactly how you see in here, gloomy with tons of clouds hovering over and with a little hint of sunshine. The rain has been pouring in small amounts and by the time we're done, it poured like crazy.
 I am loving this current film and since I can just get it here in our local photography stores, expect more photos to grace my little Flickr and blog and oh, Tumblr in the days ahead.

p.s.  I designed that little hat with some of my little trinket flowers that I got from the local craftstore. Everything Sorrel was wearing were all  vintage except the skirt( got it in Hongkong). The peterpan collared blouse with all those pretty holes wasn't done justice in these photos, as you cannot see the collar, but it is really lovely "in person".
All from my closet.


Maria Nikolaeva said...

they're very beautiful photos :)

Aleyn said...

Oh thank you Maria

Zabrinah said...

I think these photos are sooooo beautiful. They look like postcards!

Best wishes from one blogger to another,


Aleyn said...

Why that is the sweetest compliment I've heard these days! Thank you Zabrinah. I shall follow your darling blog, I find it very interesting


lavelle said...

your photographs are stunning, each and every one xx

Aleyn said...

Oh, thank you Lavelle (If that is your real name, I'd be extremely jealous)

Taida Celi said...

Aw love your photos, girl!

Indie.Tea said...

Those are SO beautiful, even here. I just love your work.
Though I have noticed that things appear less lovely in blogger sometimes. Weird, isn't it?

Aleyn said...

Taida: I'm so ever thankful.

Indie.Tea (Please let me know your name. I like to address people with their names rather than usernames): Yes,Weird and horrible. It is such a mystery that some are and others aren't as awful. It Must be their css thingies. :]
Thank you for the the kind words dear.

Blow said...

What a lovely poetic atmosphere in all of your pictures! It's so delicate.


Aleyn said...

Thank you for such kind, kind words! Lovely is a strong word but paired with poetic, boy, it feels so surreal.I am so grateful that you felt what I was trying to convey in my photos. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

doowop said...

What are you talking about; I love the outfit!

My favourite photo is the fourthh one and the last. The pose she does in the last one along with the tree makes me giggle hehe. I found your blog through daydream lily and I have to say, this is one of the best blogs I've ever seen =)

Shukura Li said...

what are u on about

i love these!!!! to me they came out great...fil yeah?

do u have a film scanner or standard scanner...becuz i find that affect how my pic turn out on screen

2,4,5,and 6 are my fav
love the red light...


The Velvet Bow said...

These shots are incredible!

Indie.Tea said...

p.s. I added your lovely web-space to my blog roll...hope that is alright.

Megan said...

The second picture is breath taking. Truly it is. You are a beauty and I love your outfit. Oh it is so charming, I love vintage clothes. Everything about this post is perfect. I absolutely adore it. xx

Aleyn said...

Doowop: Thank you. It makes you giggle? How so? :]
And wow, I am so so honored to be able to hear such words.

Shukura: Thank you darling. No, I don' but the company where I send my photos to be processed too already had it scanned and then send it back to me along with my negatives.

The Velvet Bow (Jessie?): Thank you and Thank you for dropping by my little blog. Your blog is a darling! I shall follow it, I hope you won't mind.

Indie Tea: Why thank you. Of course, of course. Ill add yours once I have time to update my blog crushes page.

Megan: How kind of you to say such. Thank you. I believe you were referring to Sorrel (my lovely muse in this set)when you said "You are a beauty". I shall tell her you say so.

Thank you for the lovely words dearests. I have been travelling the whole weekend I wasn't able to go online to reply.

<3 Aleyn

Ella said...

the scenery of these photos is absolutely beautiful :) it has somewhat of a nostalgic feel to it!

Ella said...

oh thank you so much for the comment, it truly means a lot!

Aleyn said...

You are welcome Ella

lyka orhel said...

these are mind blowing! I love your work! so jealous that you live near that pretty secret forest. <3

Aleyn said...

Hello Lyka. Thank you! I'm so happy to see a fellow Filipino around here.

Raine said...

Beautiful! Where is this place exactly? And what kind of film did you use for the photos?

Aleyn said...

Oh hello Raine, this is in Iloilo, Philippines. I use a cheap Kodak Colorplus for this.

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