HK in instax

ME, fourth from left.

most images taken by my friend von.
hongkong, china
 april 2010

I also made this tumblr exclusively for all my film photos.


Shukura Li said...

these are kinda blurry and love lighting but i really love how they came out

i like your blog

imma change my blog i was starting to cater to to other peoples needs like fashion posts but forgot why i made the thing to begin with...seeing your blog has reminded me

muchas gracias


Aleyn said...

You have a kind heart. Thank you Shukura. I hope you'll get back to writing and posting what you truly love.
I hope you are well dear.

Shukura Li said...

aaaw your so sweet

how much do you pay to buy film for the instaxx photo

and how much pic do u get per roll?


Aleyn said...

Oh, instax films are a lot less than what a polaroid film will cost you. A box of 10 will cost you about 10 USD. :]
I believe instax cameras are very user friendly so I don't think you'll have any trouble using those if you place them well <3

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