I went on a trip with my Mayad family in Hongkong last April 25th and sadly brought only two rolls of film with me. Earlier this afternoon after I opened the LBC package I got from Digiprint, I found a note that said I have unexposed film. I don't know what that means but they sent me back a canister with my other film negative inside. It was frustrating since the underexposed film was the one I used for when we went to The Peak (you can see the entire Honkong from up there) and in Ngong Ping when we went to ride the cable car and get to visit this humongous statue of Buddha. :( I still have to check with my ate karen's dslr to see if I got any pictures from those trips .

Here are my shots from the first film that I've entirely used for Disneyland trip alone.

Where all your dreams come true. 

And as a consolation, I got these two right before I ran out of film.

This is me on an artist wall in Harbor Bay.
Oh and sorry for photo spamming :p

P.S This is the second film that I got processed and second time to use a film camera. No photoshop whatsoever. resized on picture manager.


Shukura Li said...

i feel your pain
something similar
that happened to me one time made me so angry
they gave me my negs and they were all black and they gace me my moneyback
after that i stopped trusting the shops they can still mess up your pics..your work..i still get nervous whenever i open the folder to see them for the 1st time


Aleyn said...

I know it's heartbreaking, isn't it?
Nevertheless, I am really happy with how the first roll turned out. This error taught me a lot though, but I still someday hope that I may be able to have my own darkroom


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