Chapter 1

 3rd-8th June 2015 

If there is a country near Southeast Asia I would love to go back to every so often for inspiration on all things country-style and analog, I would have to say, Taiwan. This country has that charm that I cannot quite put my finger on.  It abounds in so much culture, character, loveliness and life. I've only ever been to Taipei but I could definitely say that it is worth taking a trip to. 

This time around, we stayed near Xiongshao- Fuxing station where almost everything you need in life can be found. If you're someone like me, that is. 
Pretty themed cafes, independent bookstores, zakka shops and local clothing stores line up alleys you wouldn't be able to discover had you not walked and gotten lost. Taipei is best traveled by foot. I'm positive everyone can attest to that.

I wasn't able to visit the Hello Kitty cafe the last time I was there and so since I knew that our hostel was a few meters away from the cafe, we decided to have brunch the morning after we've arrived. Pretty place though I'd appreciate it more if I was 10.

I've been consumed with things for my next joint venture with friends that I seldom able to take my camera with me. Nonetheless, I'm still pretty happy I took snapshots for me to share. 
There will be more Taiwan pictures in the future because I will definitely come back.